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Alternative Fuels


"The Alternative Fuels Act" became law when it received Royal Assent on June 22, 1995.

The purpose of this Act is to accelerate Canada's use of alternative fuels in motor vehicles in order to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other green house gases, thereby lessening dependence on petroleum-based fuels for transportation.

The Alternative Fuels Act mandates that 75% of the federal government's fleet of 39,000 vehicles (this includes Crown Corporations) run on alternative fuels (ethanol, methanol, propane, natural gas) by the year 2004 where it is cost-effective and operationally feasible.

Based upon 1996 testimony supplied  to the Senate Energy Committee by the London, Ontario Police Department, Canadian taxpayers could save about $53 million tax dollars per year when the Act is fully implemented.

In 1995, Senator Kenny became the only sitting member of the Senate to have successfully authored and sponsored a Private Senator`s Public bill to pass through Parliament and become law.

Senator Kenny's bill was one of only 24 substantive private senator's public bills to be passed since 1910. In the House of Commons, only 131 substantive private member's bills have been passed since 1910.

Now that the task of legislation is complete, the next step is implementing the Act. The Act's first hurdle, that departments achieve a 50% conversion or replacement rate by April 1, 1997 has already passed. The current challenge is to continue toward the goal of reaching the 50% conversion or replacement rate.

Senator Kenny continues to monitor the government's implementation rate. To inform Canadians about the federal government's successful (or not so successful) implementation rate, Senator Kenny has attempted to publish articles dealing with the Act's status in newspapers across Canada.



Giving Prime Minister Chretien an autographed copy of S-7 with the team that made it happen. (June 1995)

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