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Re:Pierre Trudeau's lonely vision, Oct. 2

In his opinion piece, Bob Plamondon concedes that Pierre Trudeau won four out of five federal elections he fought, but "outside Quebec, Trudeau's vision for Canada was roundly rejected ... after 1968

Trudeau lost every election he fought outside of Quebec, and he lost them badly."

It is true, as Palmondon points out, that Trudeau did not do particularly well in the Maritimes or at all well in the West after 1968. But - whoops - why no mention of Ontario, by far Canada's largest province?

In Ontario, Trudeau won 64 of 88 seats in 1968 (17 for the Progressive Conservatives); in 1972 he dipped to 36 of 88 seats (40 for the PCs); In 1974 he won 55 of 88 seats (25 for the PCs); in 1979 he dipped to 32 of 95 seats (57 for the PCs); and in 1980 he came roaring back with 52 of 95 seats (38 for the PCs).

Trudeau was indeed lonely in the West and had his ups and downs in the Atlantic Provinces. But his support in the two provinces in which most Canadians live was most often bountiful and occasionally not so bad.

Best to leave historical rewrites to historians.

Colin Kenny,