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OpEds 2012


The Ottawa Citizen - November 26, 2012
"Canada Needs New Satellite Eyes"

National Post - November 19, 2012
"How Not to Protect a Country"

Windsor Star - November 13, 2012
"Bridge Vote a Big Deal for Canada"


The Hill Times - October 8, 2012
"Is this really the democracy we're trying to sell the world"


National Post - August 30, 2012
Sailing on Five Football Fields of Noise and Power

The Ottawa Citizen - August 1, 2012
Harassment Claims the Tip of the Iceberg


The Ottawa Citizen - July 19, 2012
The Department of National Defence should beware of Mutants, Guinea Pigs and Twisted Sisters

Montreal Gazette - July 7, 2012
Asbestos Gets a New Lease on Death

Ottawa Citizen - July 3, 2012
Canada's Sea Defence is a Sieve


The Globe and Mail - June 26, 2012
More disasters in the making after Elliott Lake

The National Post - June 22, 2012
Securing the Canadian Coastline

The National Post - June 12, 2012
Give search-and-rescue the resources it needs

The Calgary Herald - June 4, 2012
Let's inject some sanity into the war on drugs


The Hill Times - May 14, 2012
Feds take an unintelligent approach to intelligence

National Post - May 8, 2012
RCMP: Bigger Mandate, Fewer Officers

The Globe and Mail - May 4, 2012
Dismantling the CSIS Inspector General's Office is Dumb

Toronto Star - May 1, 2012
F-35's flight into stupidity


National Post - April 23, 2012
Courage without capacity wont' cut it


The Hill Times - March 19, 2012
Sen. Wallin Should Stick to the Facts


Charlottetown Gaurdian - February 29, 2012
Invest in policing, not prisons

National Post - February 28, 2012
Why Canada Needs Drones

Calgary Herald - February 28, 2012
Albertans Would be Better Off if Ottawa Would Invest in Cops - Not Prisons

Time-Colonist Victoria - February 27, 2012
British Columbians Would Be Better Off if Ottawa Would Invest in Cops – Not Prisons


The Hill Times - January 30, 2012
Vic Toews and the Politics of Control 

National Post - January 25, 2012
Senate "Reform": Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

Montreal Gazette - January 24, 2012
Canada Sells Democracy Abroad While Eroding it at Home

Ottawa Citizen - January 21, 2012
American Military Cutbacks: The Implications for Canada 


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