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Senate Reform Op-Eds

The Ottawa Citizen - May 21, 2013
"Punish Errant Senators, Not the Senate"

National Post - January 25, 2012
Senate "Reform": Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

A few sober second thoughts on the what the Harper Government's proposed senate reform legislation would mean for Canada.

Ottawa Citizen - June 17, 2011
In defence of the Senate

Some food for thought on the oft maligned Senate of Canada.

The Vancouver Sun - December 16, 2008
New appointments welcome, if they support the Senate

Why Stephen Harper should appoint Senators that believe in the institution's value as a house of sober second thought and avoid lining the Senate's walls with hyper partisan ideologues.

Ottawa Citizen - December 3, 2007
Senate Reform is a Mere Distraction

Why Stephen Harper may be using Senate reform to distract Canadians from other, more serious aspects of parliamentary disfunction.

The National Post - October 2006
Canadian Senators at Work

Outlining the diligent committee work done by the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence and defending the committe against allegations of wasteful spending.

Ottawa Citizen - August 6, 1998
Why the Cheap Shots at our Senators?

Defending the pay of Canadian Senators and a critical look at some lazy journalism.


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