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Coasts/Ports Op-Eds

Ottawa Citizen - July 3, 2012
Canada's Sea Defence is a Sieve

Breaking down the current state of Canada's coastal defence systems and why we need to strive for a 'real time martime picture'.

The National Post - June 22, 2012
Securing the Canadian Coastline

Breaking down the current state of Canada's coastal defence systems and why we need to strive for a 'real time martime picture'.

The National Post - June 12, 2012
Give search-and-rescue the resources it needs

In a country with such vast stretches of coastline and rugged patches of isolated wilderness we cannot afford to short change our search-and-rescue system.

National Post - April 23, 2012
Courage without capacity wont' cut it

A detailed look at the tragic death of Burton Winters; what went wrong and why we need to start making Search and Rescue in Canada more of a priority.

Toronto Star - September 18, 2011
The Canadian Arctic: To plunder or protect?

A look at the decisions being made with regard to Arctic drilling and why it may not be in Canada's best interest to do so.

Toronto Star - May 27, 2011
WikiLeaks exposes PM's $3 billion Arctic illusion

Why is PM Harper getting ready to spend $3billion on bolstering Arctic security if he doesn't view any military threats happening in the region?

National Post - April 18, 2011
The case for a strong coast guard

Why Canada needs a strong coast guard now more than ever.

Ottawa Citizen - June 14, 2010
Cleanup should not be an option

Why we need to get serious about offshore drilling regulations, and fast.

Toronto Star - June 3, 2010
Lock in safety regime for high-Arctic drilling

In the wake of the BP oil spill, tighter regulation with regard to offshore drilling operations is needed.

Chronicle-Herald - August 15, 2009
Ideology shouldn't trump public good

A proposal for a long standing ship procurement strategy between the federal government and Canadian ship builders.

Chronicle-Herald - July 1, 2009
Wrong decision on ships could sink navy

Why the government's upcoming decision on ship procurement will have a longstanding effect on both Canada and the Canadian Navy.

Ottawa Citizen - November 9, 2007
Joint defence on the Great Lakes: Time to sink or swim

Why Shiprider is a great venture for both Canadian and American security but why it may fall short without adequate funding.

Calgary Herald - June 26, 2007
Need rescuing? Wait for a weekday

A comment on the current state of Search and Rescue in Canada and why we can ill afford to skimp on this vital service.

New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal - March 28, 2007
Port Security: what makes sense?

While we can't veil in ourselves in security to the point of no freedom, there is a healthy medium that needs to be met at Canadian ports.

The Toronto Star - October 29, 2003
Defending Canada’s Coastal Waters: The King Canute Approach

Why Canada needs to start getting serious about coastal defence.

The Gazette - September 7, 2002
Our porous ports: By sea or by air, entry to Canada seems poorly guarded 

A comment on the current state of port security in Canada.

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