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Borders Op-Eds

Toronto Star - July 25, 2011 
The cost of freer trade

Discussing the border discussions with the U.S. and why Canada needs to hold their line when negotiating for free and permeable borders.

Embassy - October 21, 2009
The Canada-U.S. Border: Time to smarten up

Why Canada needs to start getting serious about border security.

Globe and Mail - August 7, 2009
Moon the balloon? Or better security soon?

Discussing the border security negotiation and what Canada should be asking for.

Toronto Star - June 29, 2009 
One rousing Canadian cheer for stern U.S. border boss; Napolitano offers Ottawa a way to deepen a vital relationship while boosting security

A comment on new United States Dept. of Homeland Security boss, Janet Napolitano and why its great for border security.

Embassy - June 3, 2009
Rolling the dice with the security of Canadians

We need to smarten up and start investing in measures that will make our country safer, and that includes adequate funding for CBSA and our border security.

Hamilton Spectator - October 6, 2007
It's all up to us to ease border crossings; Canadians should wake up and realize they aren't going to get much help from politicans in the U.S.

Why Canadians should be more upset about border congestion than being required to show their passports at the 49th parallel.  

Globe and Mail - March 30, 2007
Blind man's bluff: on gaurd for thee law and order always play well, but what about our borders?

Evaluating the government's law and order agenda and why they should be investing more money in border security.

Windsor Star - June 28, 2005
Timely border-crossing upgrades crucial

Discussing the vital economic importance of the Detroit-Windsor Ambassador Bridge to both Canada and the United States and why we need to start getting serious about it's security.

The Hill Times - March 21, 2005
Bordering on the Ridiculous: Canada’s Lethargic Response to Problems at Canada-U.S. Crossings

Why border crossings are an ideal target for terrorism and what needs to be done to prevent such an attack.

Sudbury Star - July 5, 2005
Standing on gaurd for Canada's border gaurds

Why we need to start arming our border gaurds with the tools necessary for their own protection.

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