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Navy Op-Eds

National Post - November 17, 2014
Competition Provides the Best Results

The National Post - May 27, 2013
"A lot of money for unecessary ships"

National Post - August 30, 2012
Sailing on Five Football Fields of Noise and Power

A detailed account of a trip aboard the largest super-carrier in the world, the USS-Nimitz (CVN-68) and why these floating behemoths are important to global security and stability.

National Post - April 23, 2012
Courage without capacity wont' cut it

A detailed look at the tragic death of Burton Winters; what went wrong and why we need to start making Search and Rescue in Canada more of a priority.

Ottawa Citizen - November 12, 2011
Enough sunk costs, we need new subs

Discussing the troubled history of the Victoria-Class submarine program; how it began, where it is now and what we need to do to get subs back on our coasts.

Ottawa Citizen - April 21, 2010
Just a fusillade of words

The Harper government should quit neglecting the Navy and put in motion plans for purchasing the equipment the Navy desperately needs.

Ottawa Citizen - August 8, 2008
Build Canada's ships in Canada; By using naval procurements domestically, the Canadian Forces can boost the economy

Canadian's need jobs, the Navy needs ships. An argument for domestic ship building in Canada.

Calgary Herald - December 4, 2007
New ships will boost economy

A comment on why ship building in Canada is a great way out of our economic downturn.

Ottawa Citizen - May 31, 2007
We needed to start buying new ships years ago

Part 2 of 2

An in depth look at the ship procurement stategy of the Harper government.

Ottawa Citizen - May 30, 2007
A naval disaster; If any country needs a strong navy, its Canada
Part 1 of 2

An in depth look at the ship procurement stategy of the Harper government.

The Toronto Star - October 29, 2003
Defending Canada’s Coastal Waters: The King Canute Approach

With the economy in dire need of job creation, and the Canadian Forces in need of recruits, why not kill two birds with one stone?

Starshell (Naval Officers Association of Canada Magazine) - April 1997
Underwater Legends

A lookback at Canada's Victoria class submarine purchase.  

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