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Airforce Op-Eds

The National Post - May 13, 2013
"Canada's search-and-rescue dodge"

Toronto Star - May 1, 2012
F-35's flight into stupidity

Breaking down the government's mismanagement of the F-35 file how the current mess could have easily have been avoided.

National Post - April 23, 2012
Courage without capacity wont' cut it

A detailed look at the tragic death of Burton Winters; what went wrong and why we need to start making Search and Rescue in Canada more of a priority.

National Post - February 28, 2012
Why Canada Needs Drones

With the repeated and seemingly endless slew of delays to the f-35 order, here is why Canada's contingency plan should include the procurement of armed drones.

Esprit de Corps - July 2010
Fighter jets for our future: Time to sign on to the F-35

Breaking down the reasons why Canada should not delay and get on with the purchase of the F-35.

Ottawa Citizen - January 7, 2005
Buddy, can you spare a plane?

An in depth look at the jet procurement stategy of the Harper government.

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