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Army Op-Eds

National Post - June 13, 2011
Supporting the military doesn't mean supporting war

Much like Afghanistan, we have not heard clearly defined goals with regard to our participation in Libya. What is the end plan?

Calgary Herald - April 2, 2011
Help for injured vets comes five years too late

Examining the Harper government's track record on Veterans issues and why Bill C-55 isn't enough.

Toronto Star - November 21, 2010
We honour our war dead but skimp on our wounded

A comment on the neglectful government policies towards injured veterans despite Harper's campaign promises in 2006.

Ottawa Citizen - November 11, 2009
Remember the wounded as well: We can honour those whose lives are shattered in war by taking better care of them when they return

Discussing the dire situation that many wounded veterans find themselves in upon returning home and what needs to be done to help them help themselves.

Esprit de Corps - July 23, 2009
Small payback for those who give so much

Help support the troops by donating to the Military Families Fund.

Ottawa Citizen - February 5, 2007
Defending Canada on the cheap: Even the 'expensive' option to be presented by the military for new spending would leave our forces in worse shape than they are now

A first hand account of Afghanistan; what is being done, what needs to be done, and why it is important.

The Hill Times - January 24, 2005
The Martin Government and the Military: Rejuvenation? Or Sleight of Hand

Breaking down Canada's military presence in Afghanistan and a greater commitment will need to be made for the Forces' foray into Kandahar.

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