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Afghanistan Op-Eds

Ottawa Citizen -  July 14, 2011
Afghan mission numbers don't add up to success

An examination of the war in Afghanistan ten years after it began and why the mission hasn't been as succesfull as some would like to believe.

National Post - July 7, 2011
Afghanistan was a war without a purpose

Why did we send troops to Afghanistan? A comment on how our leaders failed to ever clearly answer the question and why its necessary to always have clearly defined goals when putting boots on the ground.

Ottawa Citizen - November 16, 2010
Hard truths, no easy answers on Afghan effort

An analysis of the tough decisions that need to be made with regard to training Afghan troops after the draw down date.

Ottawa Citizen - August 3, 2010
Yes, let's 'cut and run'

Breaking down some of the shortcomings of the Afghan mission and why continued participation is not in Canada's best interests.

Toronto Star - November 24, 2009
Setback for 'Canadian approach'; Slow follow-up by CIDA jeopardizes success in villages that have been cleared of Taliban forces

Why the clear-hold-build military model (with an emphasis on building and developing) has produced far greater results than the 'whack-a-mole' approach of past, and how this progress is being jeapordized by the sluggish pace of Canadian bureacracy.

Toronto Star - September 21, 2009
There's a 'giant hush' about our mission in Afghanistan; As our forces lose ground to the Taliban, it is time to acknowledge the mission is failing

Explaining my reasons for why I believe the mission is unwinnable and that we should pull out of Afghanistan.

Calgary Herald - September 16, 2009
Mission impossible

Evaluating the many obstacles to success in Afghanistan, the risks and rewards of the mission, and why troop numbers should not be our only concern.

Hill Times - April 28, 2008
Canadians think their country is at war in Afghanistan, it is with ignorance and poverty

Discussing the critical role that job opportunities, education, and justice will play in the outcome of the War in Afghanistan.

Ottawa Citizen - February 2, 2008
We should have been able to stand on our own in Kandahar

A comment on Canada's role in Kandahar and the reaction of the Harper government to the recommendations laid out in the Manley Report.

Globe and Mail - November 21, 2007
Underequipped in Afghanistan: Are high casualties just our bad luck? Think again

Analyzing Canada's casualty rate to those of our allies, the reasons behind it, and what it is being done to address the issue.

Ottawa Citizen - December 28, 2006
Help them to help themselves

A first hand account of Afghanistan; what is being done, what needs to be done, and why it is important.

Chronicle Herald - August 24, 2006
Time for answers on Afghanistan

A plea to our political leadership to once and for all define for Canadians why we are in Afghanistan and what our goals are for the mission.

Ottawa Citizen - May 12, 2006
It's time to show us the plan for success in Afghanistan

The political will is there but consensus is still lacking amongst Canadians with respect to the War in Afghanistan. A comment on what should be done to address the ambivalence towards the Afghanstan.

 The Globe and Mail - March 1, 2006
Our troops deserve political leadership

With the majority of the country against the war, PM Harper needs to begin talking to Canadians about Afghanistan rather than just allowing our military brass do the talking.

Ottawa Citizen - June 10, 2005
Lost in Afghanistan

Breaking down Canada's military presence in Afghanistan and a greater commitment will need to be made for the Forces' foray into Kandahar.

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