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Airport Security Op-Eds


Montreal Gazette - June 6, 2017
"Screening at Canadian Airports should be Faster, Smarter, Safer"

National Post - December 19, 2014
"Easy fixes for airport security"


Calgary Herald - April 11, 2011
Peeling back the curtain on airport security.

Discussing how, a decade after 9/11, commercial airline shipping in Canada remains major liability to our nation's airport security.

National Post - January 13, 2011
Telling the United Arab Emirates where to get off. 

A comment on how the Canadian government should respond to the UAE's decision to evict us from our staging base, restrict us from their airspace, and impose a new visa policy for visiting Canadians.

Ottawa Citizen - December 16, 2010
What ever happened to the Air India report?

A reaction to the Harper government's tepid response to Justice Major's Air India report and why even today Canadian airports are still not as safe as they should be.

Windsor Star - April 28, 2009
Change in latitude, but the same slack attitude

A comment on why the attempted Montego Bay CanJet hijacking should serve as a reminder of the cracks in our own airport security, and why its not just passenger screening we should be worried about.

The Globe and Mail - December 12, 2008
Airport Security: Disaster in the Making.

Discussing RCMP's Project Spawn - an investigation into criminal activity at Canadian airports - and how inadequate screening and security processes towards airport workers has led to an infestation of organized crime.

Ottawa Citizen - August 16, 2006
You get screened, but many don't.

Detailing 4 major gaps in airport security outlined in the 2003 SCONSAD report on airports that three years later still have yet to be addressed. 

The National Post - July 13, 2004
Why our airports still scare me

Evaluating the move by Paul Martin to appoint Anne McLellan as Deputy Prime Minister and give her responsibility for public safety and emergency preparedness, and what changes to airport security still need to be made. 

Telegraph-Journal - October 11, 2001
Fear of Flying: Let's Pull Out of the Stall

With air travel grinding to a standstill following the horrific events of 9/11, here a few suggestions for how we can quell people's fear of flying while creating safe and efficient airports.

The Halifax Chronicle Herald – October 3, 1999
An Airline Solution

Discussing the Onex group's proposed merger and takeover of Air Canada and Canadian Airlines and why operational and regulatory options may be the better solution for fixing air travel in Canada.

Montreal Gazette - August 13, 1997
Better air safety would cost peanuts

When it comes to safe air travel the two biggest factors are planes and flight attendants. Well, a major Canadian airline may be skimping on both.

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