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OpEds 2011


Charlottetown Guardian - December 5, 2011
No time to let up in war on tobacco addiction


Ottawa Citizen - November 12, 2011
Enough sunk costs, we need new subs


Ottawa Citizen - October 10, 2011
British Columbia's discount mounties


National Post - September 20, 2011
No way to treat a great soldier

Toronto Star - September 18, 2011
The Canadian Arctic: to plunder or protect?


Ottawa Citizen
Give the next RCMP commissioner a chance

National Post
Save the Armed Forces. Sell its assets.

Toronto Star
A military name game


Toronto Star
The cost of freer trade

National Post
Without a navy, Canada won't matter

Ottawa Citizen
Afghan mission numbers don't add up to success

Ottawa Citizen
We're throwing away a precious military resource

National Post
Afghanistan was a war without purpose

Toronto Star
Canada's shrinking stature on the international stage


Toronto Star
Feeding jails while police starve

Ottawa Citizen   
In defence of the Senate

The National Post
Supporting the military doesn't mean supporting war


The Toronto Star
Wikileaks exposes PM's $3 billion Arctic illusion


National Post
The case for a strong coast guard

The Toronto Star
Why do freedom fighters yearn for locks and keys

The Calgary Herald
Peeling back the curtain on airport security

The National Post
Invest in police, not prisons

The Calgary Herald
Help for injured Vets comes five years late


Ottawa Citizen
In defence of Chief White

The Moncton Times and Transcript
Hey, big spender: spend a little time on facts

The Charlottetown Guardian
Mansbridge and the prime minister

Thunderbay Chronicle Journal
Mansbridge and the Prime Minister

Calgary Herald
Canada should drop the gloves with the UAE

Victoria Times Colonist
Time to get tough with the U.A.E.'s royal thugs

Vancouver Sun
Drop the gloves with UAE

National Post
Telling the United Arab Emirates where to get off

The Ottawa Citizen
Drop the gloves with the UAE

Globe and Mail
"Walk the walk"


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