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OpEds 2008


The Edmonton Journal
Let's hope the new senators are committed to the system; Filling vacant seats with partisan Conservatives changes the balance of power and threatens to obstruct the good work the Upper House does

The Vancouver Sun
New appointments welcome, if they support the Senate

The Hill Times
How Canada can matter to Obama, and to the rest of the world

The Globe and Mail
Airport Security Disaster in the making The RCMP says Canada's big airports are home to criminal activity - but don't tell the airports"

The Ottawa Citizen
Appoint people who believe in the Senate

Ottawa Life Magazine
Canadians Think Their Country is at War With Afghanistan. It is. With Ignorance and Poverty.

The Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal
The 10 key coalition questions

The Montreal Gazette
Ten questions about a Dion-led coalition government; Obama's bipartisan approach is welcomed, so why not have the same in Ottawa?

The Guelph Mercury
Harper Tories think too small


The Charlottetown Guardian
Building Canada’s Military would build the Nation’s Economy

The Windsor Star
Defence Spending Key to Cross-border Trade

Ottawa Citizen
Don't touch defence spending; In tough times it's tempting to slash military budgets -- but that spending is a key to cross-border trade and prosperity at home


The Guelph Mercury
Security, defence not on election Radar

The Chronicle-Herald
Who wants to scare people on their way to the polls?

The Summerside Journal Pioneer
Canada's security and defence will be non-issues in this federal election

The Calgary Sun
Insecurity blanket Refusing to talk about potential for disaster won't make it go away

The Montreal Gazette
Protecting Canadians; Defence and security should be Job 1 of a national government, but you won't hear much of these issues during the campaign

The Toronto Star
Protect Canadians or save a few cents on the GST?; Security agencies are so underfunded they cannot do their jobs


The National Post
Too much talk

The Ottawa Citizen
Build Canada’s ships in Canada; By using naval procurements domestically, the Canadian Forces can boost the economy


Ottawa Life Magazine
Our Military needs ships. A case for building them here


Esprit de Corps Magazine
How are we doing in Afghanistan? Canadians need to know

The Globe and Mail
Hillier and Harper: Our military badly needs repair. 


The Toronto Star
Despite Harper's promises, Canadian Forces still lacking; Canada will require a defence budget of $35 billion by 2011 but funding is falling short


Hill Times
Canadians think their country is at war in Afghanistan, it is with ignorance and poverty

The Windsor Star
Arming Afghans with best weapon – education

The Calgary Herald
Canadian soldiers at war with ignorance and poverty


The Hill Times
Would a real ‘Law-and-order’ government let RCMP crumble?

The Windsor Star
Crumbling RCMP needs infusion of officers


The Red Deer Advocate
It’s time to suspend the use of Tasers

The Hill Times
Our military needs ships: a case for building them here

The Ottawa Citizen
We should have been able to Stand on our Own in Kandahar


The Windsor Star
Moratorium will help RCMP study Taser issue

The Now: EMC
Tasers: The public needs to believe

Frontlines Magazine
Any Way You Add Up the Dollars, Canada’s Military Comes Out Short