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OpEds 2007


The Hamilton Spectator
Resources for military 'just not there'; Government 'clawbacks' are cutting into the muscle of the Canadian Forces

The Moncton Times & Transcript
Tasers: retreat a little to advance toward safer use

The Windsor Star
Who to blame? The Senate's an easy target

The Montreal Gazette
Ode to the Senate; Reform of the upper chamber is Harper's way of deflecting Canadians' attention from more pressing problems

The Chronicle-Herald
Time for a strategic retreat on Taser use

The Cape Breton Post
RCMP needs moratorium on use of Tasers for opportunity to re-equip and retrain

The Windsor Star
Steering shipbuilders toward first-class future 

The Calgary Herald
New ships will boost economy

The Chronicle-Herald
Boosting shipbuilding makes sense

Moncton Times and Transcript
A Case for Boosting Canadian Shipbuilding 

The Ottawa Citizen
Senate Reform is a Mere Distraction


The Globe and Mail
Underequipped in Afghanistan: Are high casualties just our bad luck? Think again.

The Windsor Star
Military needs funding for inevitable surprises

The Ottawa Citizen
Joint defence on the Great Lakes: Time to sink or swim


The Hamilton Spectator
It's all up to us to ease border crossings; Canadians should wake up and realize they aren't going to get much help from politicians in the U.S.

Hill Times
Joint defence on the Great Lakes: time to sink or swim

Calgary Herald
That Sinking Feeling Again

The Calgary Sun
Borderline economics Crossings have become constipated despite supposed deal between Canada and U.S.

The Chronicle-Herald
Jammed by design?; Wouldn't a lot of U.S. voters be pleased with a situation - like clogged U.S.- Canadian borders - that might make investors less willing to set up in Canada and more willing to set up in the US


Ottawa Citizen
Any Chopper is Better than None


The Edmonton Journal
Canadian military still shortchanged; The Conservatives talks the big talk, but the Senate stands on guard for soldiers

The Hill Times
Rejuvenating Canada’s Armed Forces: For a Start, Let’s Be Honest

The Calgary Herald
Straight talk from the Senate on real cost of Armed Forces


The Globe and Mail
Commissioner William Elliott’s Mission, In order to rebuild, the RCMP must get its men

The Fredericton Daily Gleaner
Mayday, mayday better be on a weekday


The Moncton Times and Transcript
Your ‘Mayday!’ had better be on a week day

The Montreal Gazette
Better hope that Mayday! Mayday! Is not on Saturday or Sunday; Canada’s search-and-rescue capacity is in woeful shape and needs cash now

The Cape Breton Post 
Spending required to bring Canada’s search and rescue to where it needs to be

The Calgary Herald
Need rescuing? Wait for a weekday
The Sunday Herald
Mayday! Mayday! Better be on a weekday!

The Hamilton Spectator
Mayday! Mayday! … It better be on a weekday


The Ottawa Citizen
We needed to start buying new ships years ago
Part 2 of 2

The Ottawa Citizen
A naval disaster; If any country needs a strong navy, it's Canada. But our decrepit fleet patrols three enormous coastlines with grossly inadequate funding
Part 1 of 2

The Calgary Herald
Ottawa in need of new-vision goggles

The Montreal Gazette
Stephen Harper is a toy soldier; Our gung-ho PM talks a good game on the military, but he is quietly selling out its future

The Windsor Star
Canada Needs to Add Muscle to its Military


The Globe & Mail
Blind man's bluff: on guard for thee Law and order always plays well, but what about our borders?

New Brunswick Telegraph Journal
Security at Canada’s Ports: What Makes Sense?


Ottawa Citizen
Defending Canada on the cheap: Even the 'expensive' option to be presented by the military for new spending would leave our forces in worse shape than they are now