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Information on Bill S-13 (1998)

The Tobacco Industry Responsibility Act

Introduced into the Senate in February 1998, Bill S-13 would have established a $120 million dollar per year Canadian Anti-Smoking Youth Foundation, funded by a 50 cent per carton levy on every carton of cigarettes sold. The bill's purpose, to reduce the use of tobacco products by Canadian youth thereby protecting them from smoking-related disease, is a priority for Senator Kenny.

In December 1998, 6 months after passing unanimously through the Senate, Bill S-13 died after being ruled procedurally out of order after First Reading in the House of Commons. (Further details)

Below, you can find the facts on S-13, including technical background, legislative references, the national endorsement index, and media coverage.

The Bill

Bill S-13 The Tobacco Industry Responsibility Act


Summary of the Bill

Bill Table of Events: Senate / Commons

Senate Committee Proceedings: May 12 & 13, 1998


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